False Memories album

False Memories

The False Memories album is out now! Get it at Bandcamp if you’d like the digipak CD with the beautifully designed booklet with video stills and lyrics. Or contact Evelien if you’d like to order it. In this way you can support her. You can also find it on Spotify, iTunes and CD Baby. 

‘I clearly recall being able to breathe under water as a child.’

Songs about memories of events that have never actually occurred. All lyrics are drawn from anonymous public submissions to A.R. Hopwood’s False Memory Archive. With vocals, trombone, synths, beats and electronics.

“It’s pretty obvious that “False Memories” can already be placed amongst the most unique and groundbreaking album releases of this year, (…) hardly comparable as well as genre defying, carving out a distinct niche of its own whilst leaving an essential mark on the electronic music circuit for a reason.” baze.djunkiii – Nitestylez.de

“It is completely unique what she delivers here. Astonishing avant-pop of an unprecedented quality. Although the music is not easy to interpret, you may think of a cross-pollination of Liesa van der Aa, Björk, AGF, Palinckx, Laurie Anderson, Hail and Micachu. A brilliant album, which justly gets you out of reality for an hour..” Jan Willem Broek – De Subjectivisten

“With ‘BREATHe’ the artist throws herself in the deep depth of experimental voice art. (…) Here she manages to give me the feeling of going up and down in flowing motions, sliding over a non existing slide in which her beautiful voice clearly shines as a wonderful wonder that defies gravity and lack of imagination. Beautiful and honest, picking us up with a arising flair and setting us back to the ground with a kind touch of a intriguing angel; it’s fair to say that I love BREATHe.” KN – Yeah I Know It Sucks

composition, arrangements, production evelien van den broek | lyrics a.r. hopwood | vocals, electronics, programming evelien van den broek | trombone koen kaptijn | moog and OB-6 synths, clavinet, wurlitzer tony roe | drums & electronics at the live shows richard van kruysdijk | recorded at roe music productions and studio evelien van den broek | mix gijs van klooster at redhouse | mastering jarno volman at gold soundz mastering | video stills and interactive visuals marcel wierckx | cover design richard van kruysdijk | liner notes rené van peer

Supported by the SENA Performers Music Production Fund and by Edith Eymann.

Thanks: Edith Eymann, Richard Ayres, Dyane Donck, Paul & Tanya van den Broek, Richard van Kruysdijk, Helen van den Broek, de wandelclub, Edo, Jen, Sandor Caron, Gijs van Klooster, Bert Palinckx.