Hot hot hot! As we speak I’m working on Aventurijn, a one-week music cure for good luck. Here’s a picture of me and my friend and collaborator Lyra 8.

Follow this online aural cure every day for a week and you will be lucky, you will ward off all your worries and uncertainties, obtain prosperity, and find love. One song a day, supplemented with one crucial ritual a day (to guarantee the positive outcome of the music cure).

Aventurijn will be released on solstice, December 21st 2021, on www.aventurijn.online.

Quotes of test audiences:

‘The one-week music cure that changed my life’
‘I thought it was nonsense, just absolute rubbish. But after doing the Aventurijn music cure I finally got my dream job!’
‘I followed the music cure Aventurijn every day for a week and here’s what happened’ (to hear what happened subscribe to my newsletter).

Aventurijn is  a Leafsheep product.

concept, composition, synths, vocals, production, recordings evelien van den broek (leafsheep) | mixing sandor caron | mastering jarno volman at gold soundz mastering | artwork mees joachim van amesfoort | photo richard ayres | supported by performing arts fund nl, #investeringsfondsmuziek, @bumastemra and @minocw.

Happiness claim pending approval by the European Commission.