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Hot hot hot! Aventurijn, a one-week online music cure for good luck, has been released. 

After following this cure, you will be lucky and misfortune will be averted. Are you desperately looking for a dream home or a new love? Are you short of cash or do you need another job? Is everything in general a bit disappointing? Aventurijn will help you. Ingredients: every day, for the duration of one week, you’ll receive an encouraging visual artwork, an essential ritual, and a brand new song of the day. Start on day 1 and follow the directions carefully for a week, up to and including day 7. Only then will the music cure really work.

Aventurijn is available on

Also, you can find the Aventurijn album in this website’s Shop or on Bandcamp.

Quotes of test audiences:

‘The one-week music cure that changed my life’
‘I thought it was nonsense, just absolute rubbish. But after doing the Aventurijn music cure I finally got my dream job!’
‘I followed the music cure Aventurijn every day for a week and here’s what happened’ (to hear what happened subscribe to my newsletter).

Aventurijn is  a Leafsheep product.

concept, composition, synths, vocals, production, recordings evelien van den broek (leafsheep) | mixing sandor caron | mastering uwe teichert at studio elektropolis | visual art mees joachim van amesfoort | photo richard ayres | website kanjijvoormij |  socials & online communication: enprofil culture | supported by performing arts fund nl, #investeringsfondsmuziek, @bumastemra and @minocw.

Happiness claim pending approval by the European Commission.