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Sound Installations


An interactive stop-motion animation installation by BetweenTwoHands

Ecognosis, a riddle. Ecognosis is like knowing, but more like letting be known. It is something like coexisting. It is like becoming accustomed to something strange, yet it is also becoming accustomed to strangeness that doesn’t become less strange through acclimation. Ecognosis is like a knowing that knows itself. (Timothy Morton)

The interactive stop-motion animation installation Ecognosis N 52° 21’ 39.207” E 4° 41’ 49.702″ is inspired by Alan Weisman’s book The World Without Us. In this book Weisman describes how nature takes over everything in different places in the world after the disappearance of human life. We depict this idea through the projection of stop-motion animations of insects and plants on the world, as we know it. We would like to invite the visitor to interact with the installation. The insects and plants will react on the position of the visitor and the sounds the visitor makes. We emphasize with this installation that humans are a part of nature and that we are in constant interaction with our surrounding.

concept, design and stop-motion animation erin tjin a ton | concept, design and stop-motion animation gosia Kaczmarek | advice and production stop-motion animation martine rademakers | soundscape: evelien van den Broek | soundscape field recordings fred zeillemaker/macaulay library at the cornell lab and from grassy-field-ambience (365873) by jandre160108 | intern sanya gurung | furniture woodworks | photography moon saris | archival footage de man & de vos | technical advice performance technology LAB & federico murgia & gertjan biasino | graphic design mainly afternoone | photo (above) paulina matusiak & eddywenting


A chandelier consisting of motorized and programmed music boxes. A cooperation with Dyane Donck, production: Studio Ricky van Broekhoven and Hebing Interaction Design. Commissioned by the Gaudeamus Muziekweek and thanks to Museum Speelklok for providing the music boxes.

I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night? 

Visual art by Femke Gerestein with vocal-electronic soundscapes by Evelien.

I wonder if I’ve been changed in the night was exhibited in March and April 2013 at Stg. IK. On the IK (‘I’) island in Vlissingen Souburg Femke took herself in the IK space as starting point. Movement is central, from inside to outside, head to body, I to we and back and forth. Subtle projected animations bring the drawings to life.

During the spectacle, sound is heard, alternately loud and soft. It sometimes feels like breathing, it’s very physical. This is how the concrete and the abstract come together: the physical and the conceivable.’ Nico Out – PZC newspaper

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