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Malerwanderweg Songs

Malerwanderweg Songs

The Malerwanderweg Songs EP is available at Bandcamp.

The album contains the music Evelien made for the multidisciplinary performance Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg (Dancing on the Painters Trail) by Jan Doms. In 2000, during their stay in Dresden and surrounding areas, Jan and his wife Elisabeth accidentally came across the Painter’s Way, where the early landscapes drawn and painted in such a poignant way by Caspar Davis, opened before their eyes in reality. Jan wholeheartedly promised that he would bring Elizabeth back so that they could walk this wondrous Way. Tragically Elisabeth died and it was impossible to carry out this promise.

In the stage performance the journey begins in Dresden on an historic paddle steamer that sails under the bridge ‘The Blue Wonder’ and moors in Pirna. There the leading character (dancer Ulrike Doszmann) discovers the board with an arrow pointing in the direction of Liebethal (Love Valley) and sets off along the wondrous Painter’s Way that finally ends in Schmilka on the Czech border, where garden gnomes and ladies of questionable virtue hold sway. In the last dance she fatally follows a dark path…and meets disaster.

composition, vocals, electronics, synths, programming evelien van den broek | drums ries doms | keyboards jarno van es | vocals, guitar wout kemkens | lyrics/libretto jan doms | soundscapes ernst bonis, joris bonis | recordings, arrangements, mix, production evelien van den broek | song of desire composed and arranged by wout kemkens and recorded, mixed and produced by rutger drenth | mastering jarno volman at gold soundz mastering

additionally, at the live shows: dance ulrike doszmann | light animation, projection, mechanics wiersma & smeets | stage design jan doms (lef stadsdynamica), olga doreva | costumes juliane schreiber

The Malerwanderweg Songs EP has been made with financial support of LEF stadsdynamica.

Tanzen auf dem Malerwanderweg live show. Photo’s by Rudi Klumpkens.