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Over the years Evelien has composed for many films, mostly documentaries. When making film music she likes to operate om the boundary of sound/sounddesign and music. She records environmental sounds or sounds made with objects, blends them with acoustic instruments and processes them electronically. She subtly enhances the emotional impact of the images but always leaves room for the imagination and emotions of the viewers.

Visit her Youtube channel to see some trailers.


  • Westpoint (2018): a documentary by Jenny van den Broeke, production ErnstMedia with Omroep Brabant
  • Jennifer Tee – Leaving Limbo (2017): a documentary by Lisa Boerstra, production Interakt with AvroTros
  • Thanatos (2015): short film by Nova van Dijk, production: BALDR Film with NTR
  • Jannes Linders and Boudewijn Bollmann (2015), two short documentaries for the Nederlands Fotomuseum, direction Marieke Wijnen
  • Michael Tedja (2014), short documentary, series IV of Hollandse Meesters in de 21 Eeuw, direction: Lisa Boerstra, production: Interakt
  • Paradis (2014), short documentary, direction Marieke Wijnen, production seriousFilm, i.c.w. NTR, part of DOC25
  • Life @ Lowlands (2013), documentary, direction Lisa Boerstra, production  Viewpoint i.c.w. VPRO (with a small music contribution by Evelien, next to lots of wonderful music of the live bands)
  • Alles voor de Grutto (2013), documentary, direction Afra Jonker and Nicole Batteké, production Boa productions
  • Voltooid Verleden Tijd (2012), documentary, direction: Camiel Zwart, production Viewpoint
  • Blinde Liefde / Blind Love (2012), short documentary, direction: Jenny van den Broeke, production ErnstMedia. Young Talent Award Brabant 2013, Honorable Mention at Santa Monica Independent Film Festival (SamoIndie) 2013, Los Angeles and Short Documentary Jury Award at the Austin Filmfestival 2013
  • Juul Kraijer (2012), short documentary, series II of Hollandse Meesters in de 21e Eeuw, direction: Lisa Boerstra, production Interakt
  • Wat de Kat Ziet (What the cat sees, 2011), short documentary, direction: Kim Brand, production KeyDocs, Gouden Kalf nomination for best short documentary
  • 1974 (2011), short documentary, direction: Katelijne Schrama, production Seriousfilm
  • L.A. Raeven – De Verbeelding Voorbij (Beyond the Image, 2010), documentary, direction: Lisa Boerstra, production Viewpoint, with NTR, selected for IDFA 2010
  • Blauwer (2009), short docu, direction: Lisa Boerstra, production Armadillo film
  • Blauw (Blue, 2006), short documentary, direction: Lisa Boerstra, production Armadillo film, winner online audience award Filmfestival Rotterdam May 2007
  • .nijnoK (.tibbaR, 2004), short documentary, direction: Leo Wentink, production Armadillo film. Awards: Gouden Kalf best short documentary Nederlands Filmfestival (Utrecht) 2004, best documentary Tabor (Croatia) 2005, best ‘environmental’ documentary Montecatini (Italy) 2005, best editing San Gio, (Italy) 2005, honorary mention Melbourne, (Australia) 2005, best documentary Prizren (Kosovo) 2005, best European film Panorama Athens (Greece) 2005, best documentary Interfilm Berlin (Germany) 2005, best documentary No Words Bolzano (Italy) 2005, special mention ‘l Alternativa Barcelona (Spain) 2005
  • Het Everzwijn (Wild Boar, 2002), short thriller, direction: Amber Franssen, production Corrino, with Carice van Houten, Thom Hoffman and Cas Enklaar