3 June:  Mtoto, music theatre by Nienke Nasserian Nillesen, Munttheater Weert

6-8 May: Schattenkind, dance performance, FITZ! Theater, Stuttgart (GER)

5 May: Schattenkind premiere, dance performance by Eva Baumann, FITZ! Theater, Stuttgart (GER)

8-11 April:  Biophonica, Rewire Festival, The Hague. Postponed due to Covid-19.

5-27 March:  Ecognosis installation, Pleintheater, Amsterdam

4 March:  Ecognosis try out, a stop motion animation installation by BetweenTwoHands. Pleintheater, Amsterdam



18 December: Biophonica at EARsessions, De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, Amsterdam. 21:00. CANCELLED again due to Covid-19.

17 December:   Biophonica at Club Fluxus (Gaudeamus), Tivoli/Vredenburg, Vredenburgkade 11, Utrecht (NL), 20:30. Info and tickets. CANCELLED due to Covid-19.

12-14 November: Schattenkind (dance & puppet theatre by Eva Baumann), FITZ!, Stuttgart (D). Cancelled due to Covid-19.

8 November: Mtoto, Munttheater Weert, 19:00. Cancelled due to Covid-19.

27 september: Mtoto at Operadagen Rotterdam, TR Schouwburg – Hal, 11:00

20 September: Mtoto at Musica Sacra festival, Maastricht, 13:30 & 16:30

19 September: Mtoto premiere at Musica Sacra festival, Maastricht, 17:00

18 September: Mtoto try out at Musica Sacra festival, Maastricht, 22:00. Music theatre by Nienke Nasserian Nillesen

5 June:   Endlings album release on Bandcamp

20 May: Biophonica Showcase at Classical:NEXT. CANCELLED/POSTPONED due to COVID-19

15 May:   Biophonica at EARsessions, De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, Amsterdam (NL). CANCELLED due to COVID-19

11 May:   extinction workshop for children with BetweenTwoHands at Framer Framed, Werkplaats Molenwijk, Amsterdam Noord. Online version (Covid adjustment).

5 April:   Biophonica at Rewire festival, Theater a/h Spui, Korte Voorhout 3, The Hague (NL). CANCELLED due to COVID-19

3 April: Biophonica presentation at the Rewire festival Symposium, The Hague (NL). CANCELLED due to COVID-19

29 January: Evelien is one of the six selected composers at the IFFR Pro x Buma program