Now available: the online one-week music cure for good luck: Aventurijn
23 & 24 November:  Schattenkind, Theaterhaus Stuttgart (D)
12 & 13 November:  Schattenkind, Uferstudios, Berlin (D)
5 November: MTOTO, theater De Maaspoort, Venlo (NL)
7 & 8 July:  Schattenkind, as part of the exibition ‘Vulnerable’, St. Maria church, Stuttgart (D)
25 June:  FAnFAre try out, a sound walk with a sticky sad marching band, Stationsplein Zandvoort aan Zee, 11:00 CET. Reservation required:
23 June: MTOTO, theater Kerkrade (NL)
8 May: MTOTO, De Blauwe Kei, Veghel (NL), 11:00 CET
7 May: MTOTO, Thorn Openluchttheater (NL), 20:00 CET
20, 21, 22 January:   (physical) premiere of Schattenkind, Theaterhaus Stuttgart (D)


21 December:   release of Aventurijn, the online one-week music cure for good luck. Online release week. The cure will stay online and available.
12 December – 16 January ’22:  Ecognosis at Zone2Source, Amstelpark, Amsterdam (NL)
28 November:  Mtoto, music theatre by Nienke Nasserian Nillesen, Munttheater WeertCancelled again due to Covid-19
27 November:  Mtoto, music theatre by Nienke Nasserian Nillesen, Studio Opera Zuid, Malpertuisplein 60, Maastricht (NL), 17:00 & 21:00Cancelled again due to Covid-19
10-12 November:  Ecognosis at Theater der Dinge, Schaubude, Greifswalder Straße 81—84, Berlin (D)
7 November:   official opening of the soundwalk Hoor de Jordaan, Noorderkerk, Noordermarkt 48, Amsterdam (NL), 14:00. 
4 November:   concert version of the soundwalk Hoor de Jordaan, with trio BasilovaFridmanNapolov and Margo van de Linde (spoken word), Noorderkerk, Noordermarkt 48, Amsterdam (NL), 20:15
31 October:   Ecognosis (interactive stop motion animation installation) at Arcam, Amsterdam (NL)
14 October:   Biophonica (fragment), Dutch Composers NOW at ADE festival, together with Jan-Bas Bollen, No Plexus, and Gerri Jäger, Dokzaal, Plantage Doklaan 8 Amsterdam (NL), 19:00 & 21:30
29 September:  Biophonica (fragment) as a Showcase at Classical:NEXT, WORM, Rotterdam (NL) – CANCELLED again
10 September: Biophonica at the Rewire Festival, Den Haag (NL)
21 May:  Schattenkind, online show, FITZ! Theater, Stuttgart (GER)
20 May:  online Schattenkind premiere, dance performance by Eva Baumann, FITZ! Theater, Stuttgart (GER)
1-24 April: Ecognosis try out, a stop motion animation installation by BetweenTwoHands. Pleintheater, Amsterdam
5-27 March:  Ecognosis installation, Pleintheater, Amsterdam. Postponed.