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“It is completely unique what she delivers here. Astonishing avant-pop of an unprecedented quality.”
“It’s pretty obvious that ‘False Memories’ can already be placed amongst the most unique and groundbreaking album releases of this year.”

Dutch-Swiss composer, performer and producer Evelien van den Broek (Leafsheep) creates electronic music for live performance, film, modern dance, installations and sound walks. She has released multiple albums, which contain a vibrant and wayward mix of electronica, songwriting and classical music. She’s just released Aventurijn, an online one-week music cure for good luck, and the interactive sound walk Fanfare, which premiered at the Into The Great Wide Open festival in September 2022.

In her KUrKKU performances Evelien transforms her voice with live electronics, using Wii game controllers, a foot pedal and five neon yellow speakers. With the indietronica band Daisy Bell she played at State-X New Forms and the Avantgarde Festival (D). With Daisy Bell she made the show Year Without A Summer, performed with gamelan ensemble Gending and featuring Graham Lewis (Wire) on video. In 2015 their debut album ‘London’ was released at Opa Loka Records. Evelien has composed for numerous documentaries, including ‘LA Raeven – beyond the image’ and ‘.tibbaR’ (winner of the Dutch Golden Calf and several international awards). With Dyane Donck she made the sound installations Yesterday and Circlectric. She performed in Donck’s multidisciplinary concert ‘The Obscure Thoughts of Isabella Green’. With choreographer/dancer Eva Baumann she made five dance performances, of which Solitaire was nominated for the Stuttgarter Tanz- und Theater Preis. For Soundtrackcity and Internationaal Theater Amsterdam Evelien made the sound walk ‘Stemmengeschuifel’ with Renate Zentschnig. In 2016 her first full length show ‘False Memories’ premiered at the November Music festival. In 2019 she created Biophonica, with music about extinction, using field recordings of extinct and endangered animals, trumpet, electronics and two growling and chirping analogue synths. Evelien holds a Bachelor of Music (with Honours) and Master of Arts degree from Music and Technology at the Utrecht School of Arts (NL). (Photo: Richard Ayres).